How Can Tom's School Of Life Help My Existing Business?

This is a great question. It’s great because it’s an easy one to answer.

One of the very best uses for a massive, free-market-loving community of libertarians is to utilize our collective business acumen. Whether it’s promotion, getting help, finding contractors, hiring, etc, this is the place. We’re gonna look at a few different ways you can utilize the site to help you with lead generation, hiring, and general growth.

Generate Leads

The simplest way to begin helping your business is to click on Businesses under Networking at the top of the site. Here you’ll find a searchable catalog of businesses owned by the members of the School Of Life. All you need to do to post is to click the “add Listing” button and fill out the form.

Once posted, you’re announcing to our thousands of libertarians that you’re open for business. One of the benefits of understanding real economics is knowing how important it is to vote with our dollars. Make it easier to vote for you. 

Business Lead Gen
Business Jobs Board

Fill Positions

Maybe you have all the work you can handle. You’re not struggling for customers. In fact, maybe you need some help handling all the business you do have. Under Networking, there is a tab labeled Jobs. This button is exactly what it sounds like. No need to wade through snowflakes, social justice warriors, or walking liabilities.

Skip Indeed and Zip Recruiter: post a “help wanted” where you’re not gonna inherit a headache. A nice thing about paywalls is they tend to keep out the riff-raff. With our ticket price, you can bet if someone reaches out about a position they are better than the standard shmoe off the street.

Accountability Groups

You’re doing fine on leads and employees you say? What you really want to do is pivot your business? Maybe you’re trying to decide what scaling looks like. The newest and most successful part of the School Of Life is, hands-down, the Accountability Groups.

There is nothing quite as valuable as running your business questions by a diverse panel of other intelligent and driven individuals. I can’t say enough about how valuable this part of our program is. You simply must get involved and experience it for yourself.

In Person Networking Event

I had no idea I was even going to add this bonus when I started the school, but you know me: I love to throw a party. I pride myself on running successful events. Legends were born from my 1000th and 2000th episode events, but this one really takes the cake. 

Not only was there a roster of speakers you’d be hard-pressed to beat at any convention, there’s magic only possible when successful people interact with successful people. I can honestly say this is the first event I’ve ever hosted where six-figure deals were birthed amongst the attendees.