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Every month we have two live webinars featuring experts on an important topic. You will need to register for the webinar in order to receive the link to attend. Watch your email inbox (and be sure to check spam and especially, for Gmail users, the Promotions tab) for the registration link for each webinar.

Even if you miss the email, you can always find the registration link for the next webinar by clicking Next Session at the top of this website. Please allow 24 hours for the latest Replay to be posted.


Post a job, or browse the jobs, on our job board by clicking Networking at the top of the site and then choosing Jobs.

Post your business, or browse the businesses, in our business directory (so we can patronize each other’s businesses) by clicking Networking at the top of the site and then choosing Businesses.

Want to post an upcoming event, or glance at our list of member-posted events? Click Networking at the top of the site and then click Events.

Looking for freedom-friends? Post yourself as a Member


The Forum is where you will where you will share and acquire knowledge. It’s a repository of experience from all of our members, outfitted with a nifty search feature that will blow your mind. It’s a shared bank account of our collective wisdom and it’s compounding daily.

The week after the webinar we host the presenter for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on our forum. These don’t involve video or audio. You post your question in the AMA section of our forum, and the presenter will answer sometime during the AMA window. 


The chat is where we hang out. It’s casual, it’s fun, and it’s a good place to meet each other.

Drop in and post a quick intro about yourself in General.

This is a great way to send a member a quick, low-priority ping. If you’re both on, you can chat for a while but, getting sick of that, you can transition to a video call with a quick click of the phone icon in the top-right of the screen.

If you’re familiar with Slack or Discord, our application is exactly that… except it’s completely private and self-hosted. You can also get notifications on your phone via the app if
you wish. 

Accountability Groups​

Got goals? Let’s reach them.

By visiting this page and filling out the intake form, we’re going to place you in a small group of folks with similar goals.

Currently, we’re focusing on Entrepreneurship and expanding into Health. Over time, we’ll be able to connect around any important topic and help each other out.

Led by experts in each domain, we break down big goals into little weekly “accountabilities”. You can leverage the rest of us to help motivate you.

Have a specific problem? Let’s talk it out. Need a specific kind of person to help? We’ll do our best to matchmake within
the group.


We have no fewer than 3 mobile apps for your consideration:

Rocket.Chat: Get mobile notifications and use the Chat easily on your phone

Discourse: Get notifications and use the Forum easily on your phone

Learnistic: Watch Replays easily from your phone

Don’t worry about these too much: you can use any of the above in the browser on your phone. When you’re finding yourself using Chat every day, for example, that’s a great time to pick up the app.

When that day comes, here are detailed instructions for installing the apps.


You thought ol’ Woods would stop with making the biggest, most connected libertarian network on the web?

Of course not! Check out some of my prior products on the Bonuses page, once sold for hundreds each but are now available exclusively to our members.

Oh, and you can find info on the $500 Praxis scholarship by clicking the button below
and watching the presentation.

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