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They want us sickly, poor, and stupid.

So we're becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Tom Woods here.

Crazy and sinister people, who also happen to despise you, have gained control of every major institution in the Western world.

Despite your best efforts, today you have to worry that your children will have their minds colonized by people with weird and destructive ideologies.

The Federal Reserve makes prices go up and strips away what savings you've managed to accumulate.

The federal government pressures businesses to make unreasonable health demands of you, or you're fired.

And that's just for starters.

In 2022 I decided I'd done what I could do in educating people, and that the logical next step was -- how about this -- to do something, to help people become unbreakable in a world that hates them.

Thus the Tom Woods School of Life was born.

Twice a month I bring the best minds I can find, and they teach us something practical to make us smarter, stronger, more prosperous, and better insulated against the psychos who rule us.

There’s no theory here. Finally, some action.

Also -- and this is the key to my whole project -- we keep each other accountable in our small groups. Whether it's starting a business so we're not tethered to The Man, or getting that book published, or becoming physically fit and losing weight, people have much more success in our groups (where they get excellent advice and make valuable connections, and where they persist when discouragement might otherwise have made them give up) than they do on their own.

Our groups are “the best things Tom has ever done," says member Kevin Stokes, who has started two successful businesses under our guidance.

In addition to the groups here's some of what you'll find inside the Tom Woods School of Life:

  • The owner of a 7-figure cooking website, who taught us how she built it (she happens to be one of our members; as you'll see, this community is full of impressive people). (Session 9.)
  • The most canceled filmmaker in America, and how he's more successful and fulfilled than ever (session 26).
  • Fitness facts and fallacies: exercises that waste your time or risk injury, and exercises that actually help you make progress (Henri Pellerin video).
  • How to inoculate your kids against "gender theory" (session 54).
  • A former U.S. congressman, in fact the last Republican opponent of the Iraq war to retire, on relocation in an age of psychotic state governments (session 5).
  • An expert on getting other people to pay for your kids’ schooling (if you know where to look, you can start getting scholarships in first grade!). (Session 11.)
  • A hostage negotiator on how Harvard’s myths about negotiating, believed by everyone, are making you not get what you want — and how to turn that around (session 21).
  • A free-market professor from Columbia Business School (I promise he’s a good guy) who revealed the best investments for today’s upside-down world (session 3).
  • ​A man in his mid-30s whose words have sold $400 million in goods and services, on an occupation perfect for liberty lovers that requires no formal training, that you can’t be fired from, and that you can learn in a month (Henry Bingaman video).
  • Harry Browne’s secret for becoming debt-free in just seven months (session 2).
  • How two working parents can homeschool their kids without stress (AMA session).
  • How to keep your homeschooled kids engaged and motivated (forget the threats and bribes – this is a much easier and practical solution) (AMA session).
  • ​How to master the rare skill that will get you ahead in business (and in life), and make you look like a boss to your friends (session 15). (I teach you this myself!)
  • ​How to de-program the heavily propagandized (CJ Killmer video).
  • ​How to raise money to start a business and declare your independence (John Foster video).
  • The best-performing asset class of the past four generations – and it isn’t even close (session 3).
  • How about this one: how far you should live from a nuclear power plant (and did you know it depends on whether you’re east or west of the plant?) (Session 6.)
  • How not to write like a dork, and instead stand out from the pack with your writing (session 27, with New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods – that's me).
  • How to quiet that inner critic that undermines your every move (session 16).
  • How to come up with a business idea you can implement and scale in record time (session 7).
  • The supposedly “dying industries” that are generating massive returns (session 3).
  • ​Specific strategies to win in a blue state when you’re hopelessly outnumbered (Ali Rak video).

Recordings of all of this, and a whole lot more – and I mean a whole lot; we've covered tons of essential topics – is waiting for you inside the members’ area, with more to come with each passing month.

In this community we're actually doing what everyone else only talks about: building the parallel structures of a saner world. (One of our members is creating a business school for normal people, for example.)

But equally important: we're making ourselves, as individuals, unbreakable. We're helping people start homeschooling their kids, in order to insulate them from the madness. We're helping people escape from soul-crushing corporate jobs. We're giving people options for if that pink slip should come.

And we're helping people who have simply said to themselves: I've got to get my act together.

Want to learn a skill that can easily become a lucrative career, or at least save you a ton of dough in your business? Well, every Tuesday night we teach copywriting, which is how to write words that sell. That benefit alone justifies the entire membership.

U.S.-based members also receive our monthly 16-page print newsletter (this is entirely different from the print newsletter I mail to Supporting Listeners). Last month's issue contained an interview with one of the world's great copywriters, where he shared some gems about the easiest way for freelancers to find clients, the simplest way to start getting paid more, and how to crack into his own field, which is quite a lucrative one.

If I did one of those things where I added up all the components of what's waiting for you inside the Tom Woods School of Life, the real-world value of a community and site like this would be well into the thousands.

Our community includes:

  • our indispensable small groups, in which -- surrounded by people who see the world the way you do, and who want you to succeed -- you'll make more progress than ever toward whatever your goal involves: fitness, entrepreneurship, parenting (which, as all you parents know, carries unique challenges when you're a dissident and the other kids' parents aren't), or so many other possibilities, or simply acquire the personal habits necessary for success;
  • twice-monthly webinars where you'll learn some specific thing to make you healthier or wealthier or smarter and more agile in a world that's pitted against you;
  • our huge library of webinar recordings on topics like investing, building a secure home, peaceful parenting, successful crowdfunding, health without the state, how to be an effective public speaker, planning out your book in a single day, writing a great ad for your business in six minutes, and dozens of other topics central to a prosperous and fulfilled life under challenging circumstances;
  • my Tom Woods Email Domination Program, which has sold for $197 on its own, and which teaches how to build an email list and turn it into an ATM;
  • The School of Life Letter, a 16-page monthly physical newsletter that U.S.-based members receive in the mail, packed with insights and secrets from genuine experts -- not the Fauci kind of "expert" -- from within our community, and which can make you healthier, wealthier, and wiser;
  • our annual in-person event (which costs non-members $147, and you $0), where we leave the libertarian theory at home and focus entirely on practical ways to improve our lives in the here and now -- and we enjoy great entertainment, too;
  • and plenty more, as you'll see when you join us.

Why am I doing this?

Because I want my tombstone to say something a little more memorable than "He recorded 7,000 podcast episodes."

We all know we need to do something. There was a silent army out there waiting for someone to plant a flag and say, enough is enough. We are making a stand.

The Tom Woods School of Life is that flag. I hoisted it on February 1, 2022.

I hope you'll rally to it.

Remember: they came for your job, and they're coming for your kids' minds. Is that a world you want to navigate alone?

Would you rather argue on the Internet or make yourself and your family unbreakable?

Klaus Schwab can pound sand: we're going to own plenty, and we're going to be very happy indeed.

My community of smart, ambitious, and decent people is how to find freedom in an unfree world – for you, your children, and your grandchildren.

Click the button below, and be a part of it with us.