Looking to grow your business? Get healthier? Be better?

That’s what I want for you, at the very least. I’m done with armchair libertarianism. We’ve had the best books, the top thinkers, and the only coherent theories for long enough. It’s about time we have the best people.

Accountability is the basis for big changes. Whether that’s taking a solo business to 10 employees, gaining 10 lbs of muscle, or figuring out how to spend 10 hours a week with your kids, we need someone to keep us on task.

You can rest assured that your employer is going to make sure the work is done on time, but what about the personal stuff? That’s where your health and relationships live. You know, those areas of your life that affect everything else in big, big ways.

When are you ever going to really live out your Austrian dreams of opening up shop? How many diets are you planning to start “tomorrow”? How many times has tomorrow come, only to be more of the same, paying the price of inaction again and again without you even noticing?

We’re done with that. We’re going to be leveraging each other and domain experts to become better people.

Here’s how it works: 

What we need from you:

Nota bene, we’re helping each other. So much of the benefit comes from us coming together with a common cause: living better, living free. You bring your problems to the call, but you’re also bringing your solutions for your friends.

There are three big ways that these calls improve your life:

Here’s a little about our facilitators:

The community director is Kevin Dolan. Kevin is the founder of EXIT, and a frequent guest on the Tom Woods Show. EXIT is a group designed originally for people who had been doxxed and punished for their political views to get back on their feet after losing a job. Our group certainly does help people in that situation, but it’s much broader: it’s for business owners, entrepreneurs, and wantrepreneurs who need support, accountability, and advice.

David Moore sold a pharmaceutical business in 2017, and has run several self-development and entrepreneurship programs over the last decade. His expertise in sales is unparalleled, as is his ability to digest a business book each week. While we won’t mention the competition, but he’s a top-notch entrepreneurial coach that we’ve poached from the biggest organization out there. His calm demeanor and pragmatic thinking have helped hundreds of hardcore business owners out of ruts. 

Jeremy Evans is an online marketing whiz who cut his teeth with his own company when he was just 20. Better Better Better, so-named for the mutual benefits of every transaction, has since gone on to generate millions for its clients while Jeremy himself picked up every skill needed to do it. That means he manages servers, builds websites, runs ads, and optimizes for conversion: a “full-stack” of marketing skills. He’s a great resource for nuts-and-bolts as well as the big picture.

Barbara Williams has spent much of her life working for high-performing business owners in myriad fields, including real estate development, civil litigation, and the entertainment industry. Ultimately, her own success in personal finance, health, and business gave her the fire to become a coach and help others make a greater impact. Barbara’s facilitation style is grounded in empathy and encouragement: she will guide you in articulating your goals, creating an action plan, and making sustainable adjustments. Her goal is to help you create a life that reflects what’s actually important to you.

As long as you’re a member, all you need to do is click below to apply for the Accountability Program.