We, the living,

will live to our fullest.

We're bigger than the State,
better than politics.

And we're joining together.

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We gather for biweekly webinars.

I handpick the best libertarian minds to bring


information to improve our lives.

We meet in Orlando for pleasure and profit.

We educate, support, and just


each other,
a bastion of sanity.

We network, communicate, and meet up online.

We have a forum, a chat, and a directory.

What would you do with a network of


We hold each other Accountable .

We already know Tom Woods Show listeners are
smarter than the average bear.

Is it enough to be "smart"?

We meet weekly in small groups.
We talk about making content, tech, fitness, and especially business.

We're holding each other accountable to our untapped potential.

Hear what our people have to say:

Now it's up to you.

Will you sit back while lunatics are burning down the world,
your world? Your children's world?

I hope you can afford a fiddle.

It's expensive to sit out. Feigning ignorance is a costly luxury.

Taking responsibility for what you can do, on the other hand...

Takes an investment. Demands your time. Requires the courage to look at the real world, as it is, and put in another 5 hours a week to make it better.

But in six months, a year, maybe a lifetime,
we can look back at what you've done with pride.

I'd sell you a richer life, if I could.
But I can't.

I'm offering a chance to always keep learning.
A fire behind you to keep you moving,
a bonfire between friends,
a hearth to rest beside.

If you're teetering, I wish you the best.
Our era calls for making decisions.

There are no refunds and no excuses.

What we do have are thousands of libertarians who take
"self-ownership" to the next level.

And we can't wait to meet you.