How to flourish in a world that hates you

My friend,

In this letter I’m going to do something for you that almost no other libertarian has done before.

I’m going to show you a practical path that could allow you to:

Dramatically increase your income without becoming a slave to work
Transform your health in ways that bureaucrats and their stupid dietary advice assure you aren’t possible
Keep the weirdos in the education system from colonizing your children’s minds
And live a freer, happier, more fulfilling life.


It may be hard to believe that’s possible. Especially in today’s world.

It feels like we’ve passed a point of no return.

We’ve endured a global mass psychosis based on fact-free claims and fearmongering.

To add insult to injury, most of the public not only went along, but a massive chunk of them actually demonized dissidents and cheered their tormentors.

But our problems long predated COVID.

We are despised by virtually every source of allowable opinion for how we live and what we believe in.

And we’ve grown so wearily accustomed to our situation that it barely registers with many of us any longer.

Yet we libertarians spend almost no time at all on a strategy to make our lives better.

I want to end the Fed as much as anyone.

But more than that,
I want my kids to have a world that's worth living in.

When the great Harry Browne wrote How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, he was hardly talking about politics at all.

He was talking about how to make your life better right now, regardless of what happens in politics.

That is good advice.

Many of us – perhaps including you, dear reader – are demoralized and exhausted. We look to the future with dread. If they got away with the COVID madness, they’re not liable to stop there. Do we have to sit back helplessly as we await the next thing?

Not to mention, the odds seem insurmountable: we’re up against the political class, the entertainment world, academia, corporate CEOs, and the legacy media.

And everywhere we turn, the lizard people are on the offensive.

In the Netherlands, farmers are protesting nitrogen limits imposed in the name of stopping “climate change” that would mean a massive dent in the food supply. Other countries are beginning to adopt these, too, no doubt at the behest of the let-them-eat-bugs would-be tyrants at the World Economic Forum.

Then, too, energy costs have skyrocketed, since what’s the point of building additional capacity when the crazies have made clear that they’re going to ban fossil fuels?

And I surely don’t need to tell you how bizarre your local school system has become. We’ve all heard the stories.

It evidently wasn’t enough that during COVID they came for your job. Now it’s your energy, your food, your purchasing power, and even, for good measure, your children’s minds.

It’s about time for a pivot in our strategy.

And let’s be honest: what strategy?

What strategy has the libertarian world developed for navigating people through these dangerous waters?

There’s been nothing. It’s a disgrace.

I for one am tired of sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop, twiddling our thumbs as we fecklessly await our overlords’ next move.

But for a long time, I didn’t know what to do other than churn out more and more libertarian content: videos, books, articles, podcast episodes, you name it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. I stand by all of it.

But it’s totally inadequate to what our situation calls for.

I’ve been working to solve this problem for over a decade .

So it’s true: for a long time my contribution to the liberty world amounted to publishing books, writing articles, and giving lectures.

Nothing wrong with that.

But don’t you get the feeling that we have plenty of books, articles, and lectures already – and that a whole bunch more probably aren’t going to make a difference?

Ten years ago, I finally began to realize that I could and should do more. In 2012 I knew for sure that there was one problem I could solve: educational malpractice.

The history we learn in school is a joke. You know that as well as I do. And forget about economics, if it’s even taught at all.

I myself took a college course whose professor required us to buy our books at a place called Revolution Books – inside of which the great mass murderers of the 20th century adorned the walls.

So I created Liberty Classroom to help adults correct what their teachers had lied to them about, and to learn what nobody bothered to teach them.

I then spent two full years helping Ron Paul create his homeschool curriculum, which gives students an alternative to traditional classroom propaganda. And we teach them things like how to run a home business, how to communicate effectively, and how to manage money (in other words, topics no local school is going to teach them).

Just the other day a grateful mother wrote me to say, “I want to say THANK YOU (though words fall short) for inspiring and giving my older three kids a totally-beyond-any-textbook perspective on Western civilization.”

I may not be able to change Yale University, but for people who join Liberty Classroom the problem of propaganda in history and economics is solved.

I may not be able to abolish the government school system, but I can create an alternative like the Ron Paul Curriculum. And for those who adopt that alternative, the problems associated with government schooling are solved.

In both cases, I saw a problem, and solved it.

But in an unfailingly hostile world, we face far more serious problems than just these.

In 2021 I was on the verge of figuring out what it was I was supposed to be doing, but I wasn’t there yet. So I solicited the help of legendary business guru Jay Abraham, one of the most respected and sought-after business advisers in the world.

Want a full-day consult with Abraham? That’ll be $120,000. (I’m not joking.)

I managed to get two hours with him.

Before our meeting, as a backgrounder for him and at his request, I wrote out a full description of everything I did professionally. It was eight pages long.

During the meeting I said: I feel like there’s something further I should be doing to serve the people who follow and listen to me, but I don’t know what it is. Do you?

And of course he did. He’s Jay blankety-blank Abraham.

Without a moment’s hesitation,
he told me:
You should open the

Tom Woods' School of Life.

Before he even elaborated on what that was, I instantly knew I needed to do it, and that it would work.

We may be disorganized, and we may fight among ourselves, but the libertarian world is full of geniuses, creative people, and trailblazers. No rule-following yes-men here.

If only we could summon that genius and that energy. If only we could pool our resources, both intellectual and practical. Think of what we could build.

I’ll still record the Tom Woods Show and I’ll still do what I can to reach as many people as possible.



One thing COVID did to me, I regret to say, was lower my estimation of mankind.

As I observed just how many people did not want to be free, I began to wonder: rather than shouting into the wind, why don’t I spend more of the finite quantity of energy I have on those people who genuinely do want to live free?

That means you, dear reader.

And I’m in a unique position to do exactly that.

As a bestselling author I’ve traveled the world and gotten to know a great many knowledgeable and successful people from whom I’ve drawn for our live sessions together. Real experts, not Fauci “experts.”

Every month we take an area of life in which many of us are struggling, and which is important to almost every serious person, and we begin to master it.

8 Major Segments of Life—Most Or All of Them Key to Yours

We’re going to cover, for starters:


Let’s get our kids educated minus the propaganda. We’ll look at alternatives to the traditional K-12 system. We’ll talk college, too: the pros, cons, and your options. And, of course, plausible college alternatives.


We can seem weird to a lot of the people we interact with every day. We can feel alien and isolated. How can we find or build communities where what we believe in is reinforced rather than despised, and where our kids can grow and thrive?


Not everyone is called to it, but some are. How can we maximize our chances of success? What are some simple paths we can follow? How can we make a living that the lizard people can’t take away from us?


Surely we can’t be expected to buy gold and sit around. What else can we do with our money so we don’t have to look to the future with dread?


Are you terrified in a room full of strangers? Can you strike up a conversation without awkwardness? Let’s get you confident and skilled.


How to navigate the crazy American system to get decent care without breaking the bank, and how to make informed decisions about our health and what remedies are best.


Here’s a major source of stress. Let’s bash it with a baseball bat.


I have contacts around the country. We’ll talk relocation – and how to do it on a budget.

Who’s presented to us so far? A former U.S. Congressman, in fact the last Republican opponent of the Iraq war to retire. Then the International Man himself, #1 New York Times bestselling author Doug Casey. The extraordinary Joel Skousen, who taught us about the safest places to live in North America. His brother Mark, who’s taught at Columbia Business School and who’s published a successful investment newsletter for 42 years, taught us about investing. A sheriff, both learned and principled, who resisted the COVID hysteria in a blue area, gave us tips on relocation.

I know and can get for us whatever expert we need.

We’re devoting a month to business. We’ll learn how to start an online or offline business, and what to do to increase its chances of success. I’m bringing on people who have been teaching these things for over 25 years – including Marlon Sanders himself, a true OG in online business.

One of our members has a cooking website that does extremely well for her. Astonishingly well. So she’ll walk us through how she does it.

That training, like everything else in the School of Life, is waiting for you in the members’ area.

There’s a rule of marketing that says: list benefits, not features.

But I think you can see the benefits: being a more knowledgeable, successful, and confident person in the face of seemingly impenetrable obstacles. Worrying less about money, your kids, your arbitrary boss, your health – you name it.

So doggone it, I’m going to tell you about the features of the School of Life (these are features that we have now or will have by the time our doors reopen):

* A job board where you can post a job or look for a job, so we can hire each other.

(As a matter of fact, one member lost his job and then, thanks to our job board, that very day got another job with the same pay doing the same work.)

* A homeschooling hub with a treasure trove of lesson plans and curricula used by seasoned homeschoolers.

* A business directory, so you can advertise your business to the entire membership, and so we can support each other’s work.

* A business mastermind group so we can learn from each other and help each other.

* Our 4,000-word report on how to relocate on a budget.

* A hot seat function in which members who are knowledgeable in business give advice to someone who’s struggling, to help him turn things around.

* A directory of local events so you can meet like-minded people.

* A health and fitness accountability group.

* An archive of all the live webinars we’ve done with amazing and accomplished people who have knowledge we need.

* A discussion forum where you can talk about (and learn about) whatever specific topics you need for your own personal flourishing.


Oh, and after everyone joined, I told them: surprise, I’m also hosting an optional in-person event that will be free for you to attend, because I’m paying for it as a gift to you. We’ll cover plenty of practical topics that will help us flourish, and then we’re having a special surprise guest who will thrill everyone. All for free, because it’s my intention to over-deliver on this site.

There are so many topics we can cover in our future webinars, too. With each one, you’ll become happier, less anxious, more satisfied, and closer to your personal goals.

And trust me, each of the special guests I invite to teach us is paid well, so they bring us their best.

My friend, although libertarianism and the nonaggression principle are what we stand for, we are going beyond them here. Or, put another way, we are extending them to other areas of our lives.

Once you understand libertarianism, you’re just one turn of the dial away from mastering money management, parenting, education, and a lot more.

You and I will meet regularly in live virtual sessions, and work through some of the most persistent difficulties facing us – not just as libertarians, but as human beings.

You will build relationships with people just as serious as you are when it comes to flourishing in a hostile world. Together, we will build something extraordinary.

Now: you have two choices.

You can sit by helplessly as people who despise you throw more obstacles in your path, or you can do something.

Nobody is coming to save you.

You have to do it yourself.

But with my School of Life, you won’t have to go it alone.

The Tom Woods School of Life is about how to live and thrive – personally, professionally, financially, educationally, and in plenty of other ways, too – in a hostile world.

The doors are closed right now, but they reopen in August. Very briefly.

Here’s how to find freedom in an unfree world – for you, your children, and your grandchildren.

Living well is the best revenge.

Let’s you and I live well.

Enter your email address to get on the waiting list, and I’ll see you inside.

Enter your email address to get on the waiting list, and I’ll see you inside.