Can Tom’s School Of Life Help Me Start A New Business Or Make More?

I made a promise when I opened up the School of Life:  to help you find ways to make yourself more resilient against the insanity unfolding all around us.

For many of you that likely takes the form of extra income. For others, it might be a new career entirely. I’ll be honest, even I couldn’t have predicted all the ways students have found to take their lives to the next level.

Entrepreneurship Forum

Perhaps the place to start is the simplest. Maybe you haven’t one iota what you want todo or where to begin, the Entrepreneurship forum is a perfect place to start. Looking for legal advice or marketing help? Maybe you want to get into real estate?

There are threads with plenty of information to get you thinking about your business differently. More importantly, there’s the collected wisdom of a group of people who have been where you are and would love to save you some pain.

Entrepreneur Forum

Accountability Groups

The newest and without a doubt most successful part of the School Of Life has been the addition of the Accountability groups. There is nothing like a weekly meeting with other ambitious individuals to keep you hustling. 

If the motivation alone isn’t enough for you, then how ’bout the combined brainpower of successful individuals helping you solve your business problems. The stories I hear coming out of these groups are simply astounding, even to me.

Jobs Board

Are you looking for a full-time job or maybe just a side hustle to make a few extra smackers for the holiday? The job board under our Networking tab has postings for all sorts of positions all across the country.

Looking for web-developer work? Want to be a CDL truck driver? All of these have popped up on the Jobs board on our Networking page. There’s always the added bonus of working with someone you don’t feel dirty associating with. 

Jobs Board

The Strength Of Our Network

I want to leave you with one thing. The most valuable part of the School Of Life has been each of you.

The network that you have all created here is invaluable, in ways I couldn’t have imagined. When I envisioned this project I imagined bringing in experts that I knew personally. I never knew how many experts I had lurking in our midst. All those experts are often just a message away. At our live event, one of our members laid the foundations for a possible six-figure payday with another member.

Get involved, take advantage.