How Can I Give My Own Webinar To Tom’s School Of Life?

One of the things I’ve learned throughout the process of running the School Of Life is that while I might know experts, my folks are often geniuses. That’s something ol’ Woods feels pretty good about.

So in the spirit of spreading the wisdom around, I wanted to open the floor up to you. Are you an expert? Is a friend of yours? Just have an idea for a good speaker? This is the process for getting your own webinar in the School Of Life.

Prepare A Presentation

This first part should go without saying, but I feel I must say it. You need to prepare. I respect the time of the members of this community and I’d hate to waste their time with a rambling mess. 

If you have something you think your fellow members would benefit from, you owe it to yourself to show it in the best possible light. Intimidated by the idea? There are a bunch of experienced marketers in the group you can reach out to for help.

Jeremy Evans

Notify Jeremy Evans

Once you have a presentation together the next step is to let Jeremy know. Jeremy is the technical wizard keeping this place running. Woods knows enough to hire people who know what they’re doing.

Jeremy can help you get all the technical rigamarole in order and let you know anything else you will need.

Sign Up On our Private Conferencing Platform

You’ve talked with Jeremy. Now you’ll need to go sign up for the particular software we use to deliver webinars on our platform.

BigBlueButton is the software we use so take some time to familiarize yourself with it. The better you understand the software, the better you will come off during your presentation. This is especially important if you’re delivering a webinar that involves slideshows, PDF, or screen-share features. 


Promote The Event!

The most important part of your webinar is promoting it everywhere you can in the School Of Life community. If no one shows up we’re all gonna look like real Dunces, and I’ve managed to avoid this in all my years of public speaking. So should you.

We’ve already had some member-run webinars do very well, including one on self-publishing with Amazon. If you promote properly and deliver a value-packed presentation, then there is little doubt the School Of Life community will make you part of our success story