Apr 11 2023


8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Crowdfunding: Your Ticket To a Successful Product Launch?

You have a great idea for a product, but you need more money to get it developed and launched. Can crowdfunding be the answer to your funding needs?

Maybe you could fund it yourself. But what about the other benefits that crowdfunding brings? Those benefits can be more exposure, gaining pre-sale orders, building your tribe of passionate fans, and more…

Learn the pros, the cons, the ins-and-outs, and the little-known secrets of running a successful crowdfunding campaign from someone who has done it to help fund the production and launch an illustrated children’s bedtime story book.

You’ll gain a strong sense of knowing if crowdfunding is a feasible option for you, and what it takes for you to have a successful crowdfunding campaign.