A brand new service—and I feel guilty for holding the launch back. But I needed to get it right. Here goes…

My friend,

If you’re like me, there’s a knot in your stomach.
Something isn’t right. In fact, a lot isn’t right.

We’re experiencing a global mass psychosis based on fact-free claims and fearmongering.

But to add insult to injury, most of the public has not only gone along, but a massive chunk of them have actually demonized dissidents and cheered their tormentors.

And now that they’ve seen how readily the public complied, will the political class make restrictions and lockdowns a semi-regular feature of life? Since so few really seem to mind, can we rule that out?

What would we do then?


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It’s eminently possible to sidestep our overlords. But it takes brains and a team of friends I’m about to connect you to

But it wasn’t lockdowns alone that put that knot in
your stomach.

Every day our society becomes less recognizable.

We’ve grown so wearily accustomed to the situation that it barely registers with many of us any longer: we are despised by virtually every source of allowable opinion for how we live and what we believe in.

Or, as I put it to a friend over dinner:
Every institution in America hates you.

Right down to the town librarian, who is probably pissed at you for breathing on her.

You know I’m right.

At every turn we find ourselves undermined: in how we raise our kids, how we run our businesses, how we hold on to our purchasing power – and on and on and on.

Every day we see more people silenced, the range of allowable opinion shrink ever further, and more and more hostility toward dissident voices. Eventually, they even came for your livelihood.

And as we saw during the COVID fiasco, people who despise you can close your business and ruin your life, and if you have anything to say about it they’ll mock or silence you.

One of my friends recently told me, “I was shocked to hear conservative friends this weekend effectively telling their teenager to leave America.”

And yet when I encounter libertarians on social media, they’re almost never discussing these issues that affect us every day.

They’re arguing about whether we should support minimal-state libertarianism or outright anarcho-capitalism.

Or they’re demonizing other libertarians as “bigots” because they have the wrong opinions on transgenderism.

Now there’s nothing wrong with debates or with libertarian theory. I love theory, and we certainly need to get our first principles right.

But the amount of time spent on issues like this is wildly out of proportion to their importance to us in the here and now.


And by contrast, things that make our day-to-day lives challenging to the point of anguish and despair go largely neglected.

Yes, I want to end the Fed. But more than that, I want my kids to have a decent life.

And a lot of what we need to be doing right now is outside of politics entirely.

When the great Harry Browne wrote How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, he was hardly talking about politics at all.

And now we arrive at my decision.

We’ve reached a point at which those of us who see the writing on the wall need to band together, and not just (or even primarily) politically.

We inhabit a world in which our opinions are caricatured and condemned by the political class, by academia, by the entertainment world, and by just about every corporate CEO.

This would take a toll on anyone’s mental health.

I think many of us – perhaps including you, dear reader – are demoralized and exhausted.

And then there are our kids and grandkids. The educational establishment, which despises us, considers it their role to replace our children’s critical thinking skills with the robotic, fact-free platitudes that comprise the regime’s worldview.

Yes, homeschooling is a great option, but I’ll bet at least some of you are intimidated by it. Or you think you don’t have time.

And if you are doing it, maybe you’re unsatisfied with how it’s going but don’t know how to make things better – and since your extended family thinks you’re crazy for doing it in the first place, they’re no help.

Other challenges face us, too: should we send our kids to college in the current environment? If so, where? A place like Harvard may be toxic, but there’s no question it can open doors for our kids. Even if they dropped the vax requirement, is it worth it?

If not, what else – specifically – should they do?

Who in the libertarian world is answering these practical questions?

Then there’s money.

Thanks to the Fed, we can’t provide for our families’ futures by simply accumulating cash. We’d get wiped out.

But most of us don’t know enough to be in the stock market.

So what should we do to hold on to – or even increase – our purchasing power?

Important as precious metals are, platitudes about buying gold just don’t cut it. We need specific strategies that regular people can follow in the here and now.

What specific things can we do not just to protect ourselves against the next Fed-induced downturn but even to thrive?

Then there are “relationships.” This, for a lot of people, is by far the most serious concern, and they are casting about for answers.

I run into countless young people who despair at finding a spouse, and who wonder if just keeping their opinions a secret is the way to go.

And it’s not just ideology – the dating scene is more challenging than ever now, no matter what your political point of view.

I know people who are caught in it. Dating sites, meanwhile, are a disaster area.

So what are these good people supposed to do? How are they supposed to build a life for themselves?

Some people have been alienated from their families over political issues, including COVID. Is there any way to repair these relationships? Should we even try?

What are the answers to these questions?

No matter whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump – or, for that matter, Ron Paul – is in the White House, problems like this aren’t going away.

Important as it is – and I’ve devoted my life to defending it – the nonaggression principle has nothing to do with these kinds of challenges.

I could go on and on with areas of life like these, far from politics, in which you find yourself struggling and could use expert direction – real experts, not the nutcases on TV who get everything wrong – and a supportive community that will help you not just overcome obstacles, but actually thrive.

That's why I'm starting my School of Life.

We are going to tackle everything.

Not libertarian theory—you know that already—but how to navigate the present world so that you come out prosperous, content, and fulfilled.

9 Major Segments of Life—Most Or All of Them Key to Yours

We’re going to cover, for starters:


Let’s get our kids educated minus the propaganda. We’ll look at alternatives to the traditional system – and that includes college, too, about which we’ll talk pros, cons, and your options.


We can seem weird to a lot of the people we interact with every day. We can feel alien and isolated. How can we find or build communities where what we believe in is reinforced rather than despised, and where our kids can grow and thrive?


Not everyone is called to it, but some are. How can we maximize our chances of success? What are some simple paths we can follow? How can we make a living that the lizard people can’t take away from us?


Surely we can’t be expected to buy gold and sit around. What else can we do with our money so we don’t have to look to the future with dread?


Are you terrified in a room full of strangers? Can you strike up a conversation without awkwardness? Let’s get you confident and skilled.


How to navigate the crazy American system to get decent care without breaking the bank.


Here’s a major source of stress. Let’s bash it with a baseball bat.


Are there legitimate and above-board ways to lower your tax burden?


My contacts around the country would be pleased to help members considering relocation.

That’s not all, of course. The sky is the limit to what we can cover. The topics are endless. With each one, if we do this together, you’ll become less anxious, more satisfied, happier, and closer to your personal goals.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were constantly growing, and learning and integrating new and important features into your life with the help and fellowship of a supportive community of people who don’t think you’re crazy?

I’m going to devote time and resources to this, so fair warning: it’ll be on the expensive side.

But to put it mildly, it will be worth every penny and then some.

You already know it will.

That’s why you’re still reading.

After the first six months I will offer it at $997 per year.

But I’m going to start it out for the first six months with a beta test group of founding members. You’ll pay only $297 for those six months.

I’m giving beta testers a discount because I need your feedback, suggestions, and testimonials.

I want you to understand, too, that in beta test mode there will be the occasional glitch.

And then, when the first six months and the beta test are complete, my beta testers will be grandfathered in with that deep discount on the School of Life in perpetuity as long as they remain members.

My friend, although libertarianism and the nonaggression principle are what we stand for, we are going beyond them here.

The Tom Woods School of Life is about, well, life itself. The things that truly matter.

It’s about how to live and thrive – personally, professionally, financially, educationally, in our relationships, and in plenty of other ways, too – in a hostile world.

The One Thing I’ve Always Wanted to Do with the Tom Woods List

You and I will meet every month in live virtual sessions, and work through some of the most persistent difficulties facing us – not just as libertarians, but as human beings.

These live sessions are going to be the most enjoyable days of my year.

I will bring with me some of the most qualified people, who have the most to share with us.

We’ll talk to experts with a demonstrated track record of knowing what to do with money.

We’ll talk to people on all sides of the education issue, who have years of experience and wisdom to share with you, so you can give your children the best opportunities possible, while avoiding the crazies.

We’ll talk about building communities of like-minded individuals, right where you are, with people who have actually done it, so you can live without feeling like an outcast.

We’ll talk relationships and building healthier ones in a world like this one.

The topics are endless.

Now: it seems to me that we have two choices.

We can sit helplessly and with a sense of foreboding as these things continue to happen to us.

Or for a change we can band together in a powerful support group learning and applying the best strategies for happiness and prosperity, even in this unfree world.

So many libertarians want to know what specific things we should do to change the world.

Don’t get me wrong: I’d love to change the world.

But our first responsibilities are to our families and friends. We have to start there.

You can sit by helplessly, or you can do something.

Nobody is coming to save you.

You have to do it yourself.

But with my School of Life, you won’t have to go it alone.

Now let me be blunt: there are no refunds on this. No tire kickers allowed. Serious people only.

You’re either in or you’re out.

The doors are closing when the timer below hits zero, and will not open again for at least six months.

And this price will never be offered again.

You know my School of Life won’t disappoint.

Here’s how to find freedom in an unfree world.

Are you in?

The Tom Woods School of Life is about, well, life itself. The things that truly matter.

It’s about how to live and thrive – personally, professionally, financially, educationally,
in our relationships, and in plenty of other ways, too – in a hostile world.