How to Find a Job with Tom's School of Life

If one of your reasons for joining my humble little school of life was to find a different career then, bucko, you’re in luck. Not only does my site have its own job boards, I’m a nice enough guy to walk you through the process step by step. Is LinkedIn willing to hold your hand like that? Well, ol’ Woods here is. 


I’m assuming you’ve already got yourself logged in and gotten a password or else you wouldn’t be reading this. 

So, our first step is to navigate to the top of the screen and hover over the networking option in the menu. If it doesn’t pop up hit the carrot next to it. 

You should see a white drop-down menu and the fourth and last option should say jobs. 

Click that little button and we’ll move on to STEP 2.

Jobs Board


Once you’re into the jobs section of the website, you can begin skimming through the different jobs posted and see if there is anything there that you are interested in. 

As you can see from the image on your left, we have a pretty wide array of options that people post in here. 

For the sake of ease, I’ll click on the blue headline for my own job “Book Cover Design.”


Hopefully, I didn’t lose you yet because we’re almost there. Once you click on a specific job you can read all the specifics they’re looking for as well as some biographical info on the poster. In this case: Me.

If you decide that the job is a good fit or would just like to ask the poster a few questions, you can use the contact form on the bottom right of the screen.  Once you hit submit the rest is up to you. 

Bonus Options To Find Work

The walkthrough above was the Day 1, I don’t know anyone else in here option. There are actually a few different ways you could go about finding work in the School Of Life.

  • You can post specifically what type of job you are looking for on the “LookingForWork” chat room
  • You could start a post in the forum and see what other School Of Life members have to say.
  • As a member of our accountability groups you can directly ask others what they might need.
  • There is also a private chat option to reach out to other members.


I’ll add that we’re all libertarians here. No one should be gunshy about making a new deal. This could quite possibly be the most business-friendly spot on the web.

The most important thing is that the network is here for you. A rising tide lifts all ships no matter how you utilize this platform.