How To Make Friends With Tom's School Of Life?

It was inevitable many of you would end up here.

Everywhere you turn the crazies are taking over. I’ve heard of conservatives being kicked off knitting websites, and homeschool co-ops exploding down the right/left divide. Lifelong friendships imploding over the most inane of reasons. Never fear, the School Of Life has a few different options to take advantage of.

Interest Forums

You can pretty much take it for granted that you’re gonna be ideologically aligned with the people here. The next step is to see how many of the other members share your own interests or passions.

If you go through the Forums you can find other members discussing a myriad of different hobbies and interests. Topics range from homesteading and books to role play games. Someone has likely already started a thread that you’ve got at least two opinions on.

Friends Forum
Friends Locals Forum

Local Forums

It’s one thing for you to be able to meet like-minded people on the internet, it’s another entirely to take things to that next level and meet in person. IRL as the kids say. But our ability to create local relationships is key in resisting the mob. There’s strength in numbers, as they say.

Thanks to years of podcasting and spreading the words of liberty all over the globe, I’ve cultivated an audience pretty much everywhere. Hop into the local forum and find members near you. Feeling comfortable? Take that next step and schedule a meetup.

Members Directory

Not sure where to start? Hop on into the Members section under the Networking tab and browse the profiles of some of the members of the Tom Woods School Of Life. Set one of your own up.

If you find someone interesting, feel free to message them through the site and begin a conversation. Interested in their career? Have questions about homeschooling rules in their locale? It never hurts to open a dialogue. 

And we’ve made that easier than ever with the…

Friends Networking Members
Friends Chat


I know what some of you are saying: “Woods, aren’t some of these a little old school?” What can I say, I’m a product of my era. For those of you who require a faster-paced conversation, we have a chat application.

You can reach out to members personally via direct message, participate in any of the open threads, or begin one of your own. Whatever your preferences, there are plenty of ways to build your social circle right here on this website.