The Tom Woods School of Life

How to flourish in a world that hates you


These are terrifying times.

It feels like we’ve passed a point of no return.

We’ve experienced a global mass psychosis based on fact-free claims and fearmongering.

To add insult to injury, most of the public not only went along, but a massive chunk of them actually demonized dissidents and cheered their tormentors.

But our problems long predate COVID.

We’ve grown so wearily accustomed to our situation that it barely registers with many of us any longer: we are despised by virtually every source of allowable opinion for how we live and what we believe in.

At every turn we find ourselves undermined: in how we raise our kids, how we run our businesses, how we hold on to our purchasing power — and on and on.

Now understand: I believe deeply in the nonaggression principle.

But studying and debating it isn’t going to solve these problems.

We are spending much too much time arguing over minutiae, or complaining about the world we live in, instead of taking action to improve our conditions.

Meanwhile, things that make our day-to-day lives challenging to the point of anguish and despair are going largely neglected.

I want to end the Fed as much as anyone.

But more than that, I want my kids to have a decent life, whether or not the Fed is ever ended.

When the great Harry Browne wrote How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, he was hardly talking about politics at all.

He was talking about how to make your life better right now, regardless of what happens in politics.

That is good advice.

Many of us – perhaps including you, dear reader – are demoralized and exhausted.

We seem to be up against insurmountable odds.

And everywhere we turn, the lizard people are on the offensive.

In education, they consider it their role to replace your children’s critical thinking skills with the robotic, fact-free platitudes that comprise the regime’s worldview.

In personal finance, what are we supposed to do as our purchasing power vanishes during inflationary periods?
Buy gold, people have told us for decades.

Gold is great. But that answer just doesn’t cut it. We need specific strategies that regular people can follow in the here and now.

Where am I supposed to live, and how am I supposed to move there on a budget, when my current place of residence is making my life impossible?

No matter whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump – or, for that matter, Ron Paul – is in the White House, problems like this aren’t going away.

I could go on and on with areas of life like these, far from politics, in which you find yourself struggling and could use expert direction and a supportive community that will help you not just overcome obstacles, but actually thrive.

That’s why I’m opening my School of Life.

We are going to tackle everything.

Not libertarian theory—you know that already—but how to navigate the present world so that you come out prosperous, content, and fulfilled, despite what the lizard people are trying to do.

As a bestselling author I’ve traveled the world and gotten to know a great many knowledgeable and successful people from whom I can draw for our monthly sessions. Real experts, not Fauci “experts.”

9 Major Segments of Life—Most Or All of Them Key to Yours

We’re going to cover, for starters:

  • Education: Let’s get our kids educated minus the propaganda. We’ll look at alternatives to the traditional system – and that includes college, too, about which we’ll talk pros, cons, and your options.
  • Money management: Here’s a major source of stress. Let’s bash it with a baseball bat.
  • Investing and land purchases: Surely we can’t be expected to buy gold and sit around. What else can we do with our money so we don’t have to look to the future with dread?
  • Entrepreneurship: Not everyone is called to it, but some are. How can we maximize our chances of success? What are some simple paths we can follow? How can we make a living that the lizard people can’t take away from us?
  • Isolation: We can seem weird to a lot of the people we interact with every day. We can feel alien and isolated. How can we find or build communities where what we believe in is reinforced rather than despised, and where our kids can grow and thrive?
  • Taxation: Are there legitimate and above-board ways to lower your tax burden
  • Health care: How to navigate the crazy American system to get decent care without breaking the bank.
  • Social skills: Are you terrified in a room full of strangers? Can you strike up a conversation without awkwardness? Let’s get you confident and skilled.
  • Where to live: I have contacts around the country. We’ll talk relocation – and how to do it on a budget.

I have plenty more topics in mind, too.

And with each one, you’ll become happier, less anxious, more satisfied, and closer to your personal goals.

I’m going to devote time and resources to this. And I will pay each of the special guests I invite to teach us well, so they will bring us their best.

So fair warning: it’ll be on the expensive side. But to put it mildly, it will be worth every penny and then some.

Eventually I will offer it at $997 per year.

But I’m starting it out for the first six months with a beta test group of founding members. You’ll pay only $297 for those six months.

I’m giving my founders – my pioneers – a discount because I need your feedback, suggestions, and testimonials.

When the first six months are complete, my pioneers will be grandfathered in at that rate in perpetuity as long as they remain members of the School of Life.

That offer will never be repeated after today.

My friend, although libertarianism and the nonaggression principle are what we stand for, we are going beyond them here.

You and I will meet every month in live virtual sessions, and work through some of the most persistent difficulties facing us — not just as libertarians, but as human beings.

Now: you have two choices.

You can sit by helplessly, or you can do something.

Nobody is coming to save you.

You have to do it yourself.

But with my School of Life, you won’t have to go it alone.

The Tom Woods School of Life is about how to live and thrive – personally, professionally, financially, educationally, in our relationships, and in plenty of other ways, too – in a hostile world.

The doors are closing at midnight tonight, and will not open again for at least six months.

My pioneers, who join today, will be grandfathered in at this special rate for as long as they stick with me.

For everyone else, when the doors to the School of Life open again six months from now the price will have doubled. Count on it.

Here’s how to find freedom in an unfree world – for you, your children, and your grandchildren.

Living well is the best revenge.

Let’s you and I live well.

I’ll see you inside.

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